16+ In-Season (Accelerated Module)

16+ In-Season (Accelerated Module)

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Program Info: 

MHT's 16+ Accelerated Premium Program was designed to train each area of hockey development. Foundational training across key development areas is the focus. Establishing proper foundational training is key. Quality before quality is our mantra.  

Skill development modules focus on “foundational” training that teach proper movement patterns. Once movement is learned, applied and mastered athlete’s perform drills with test markers they need to hit before moving on. When hit, athletes are ready for the next module. Skill development modules are recorded. Athlete’s and those guiding them receive progress reports ensuring progress is on track.  Modules designed by NHL skills coach, Peter Harrold. 

Skating Modules were designed to teach athlete’s through visual training. Athlete’s watch videos, study movement and then visualize exercises for 2-minute intervals. This learning process is taught at the NHL level. 

Physical Training modules focus on age appropriate development programs. Athletes learn proper movement patterns designed to improve range of motion, strength, speed and reduce the probability of injury. Expect results! 

Mental performance modules are delivered weekly to athlete’s mobile device. Athlete’s listen to 5-7 minute sound files learning key mental performance principles. Content curated by mental perforce coach’swho train NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS and Olympic level athlete’s. 

Lifestyle training is key to athlete development. The APP asks athlete's to answer questionnaires in relation to sleep, hydration, nutrition and recovery. Data is logged, scored and reported to athlete’s ensuring metrics are understood. 

The MHT Competition Log allows athlete’s to set competition goals and then reflect on them. Athletes score competition 1-10 and then take notes. A fun exercise that allows athlete’s and coaching staff to understand competition progression through the lens of the athlete. 

Weekly Training Content Includes:
  • 3 Foundational Stickhandling Sessions (approximately each 20 mins in length)
  • 3 stickhandling workouts per week (approximately each 20 mins in length)
  • 2 Functional Strength Workouts per week (approximately each 20 mins in length)
  • 1 Skating Visualization per week Led by NHL players (approximately each 20 mins in length)
  • Foundational Mental Performance Training (approximately each 5 mins in length)
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Education (1-min / day)
  • Competition and Training Log (2-5 mins / log)

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